Large canvas deep blue sea inspirations and best heavenly blessings, water flowing Feng shuii painting by healing artist Rizwana A.Mundewadi. There is a lot of energy in this abstract influenced by sea, I love real pearls, they have soothing, calming  energy and are best healers for stress and anxieties. For water lovers, sea lovers and those Aquarians who are water birth signs this paintihng is the best. The possibilities are unlimited, the sea full of pearls for those who search for.... Prussian blue, and many blues,  the technique was what made me Awesum, repeated strokes in same directions, for the interesting part added some  Payne's grey, and Hookers green. The best part of letting go with the drips, no specific outcome expected. Beautifully emerged, Reiki symbol Divine Balance , a graceful Reiki symbol with two over lapping infinity symbols, hence came the title, INFINITE INFINITIES! Acrylic on canvas, 25x37 inches. year 2017. Will be shipped in a tube as a roll. Artwork is in Very Good Condition in year 2021. Shipping is free. Artwork is signed and numbered. Comes with Authenticity certificate signed by me.

With my mind bombarded with thoughts...obsessed over my symbols, learning and accepting, finally allowing myself, or thinking so... ,letting go of the mind bondage and negative self limiting beliefs...letting the power of spiritual Love, surpass all ...allowing the paint to take its own course. All the control going, letting the paint to takes its own natural it the pleasure to come up with any image, and each one unique and beautiful, touching the soul. I have really enjoyed this process of making the blue painting and it has helped me to connect deeper to the higher force, mindfulness, being in the moment. It is a natural part of evolution, you accept the course of nature, trusting it, and letting the soul of the canvas and paint do as it wishes, allowing the higher force and spirit guides to enjoy painting healing art with/through  me!

The inspiration came from breaking even with restrictions, limitations and chains of negative binding beliefs. My obsessions continue with repeated strokes, thousands and thousands,  tiny repeated energy strokes. As the viewer will observe closely you surely will enter an abyss of healing energies of the blue sea... Since making art from year 2000, I have been trying out new techniques with art to heal. Repeated strokes' give immense satisfaction and bring in a silent meditative strong focused energy. The artwork has its own communication and if you zoom the painting you will find every tiny stroke made with intention speaks for itself!

As you observe and ask anyone their life experiences may be different, each one with a different story...but truly as a healer I have come to undertsand.. It has always been a search within... There were always some feelings of control, binding for me, and here,...without hesitation going with the flow and letting life take its own path. Somehow in Reiki we are taught to let go and trust the Universe from day one! but it is definitely not easy, impossible for many, and that too after a lot of higher education, more so difficult, except for a few, who reach the Awesumness of an Awakened Kundalini!

After the Awesum blue base were focussed, yet freeing the mind from clutter, The feelings were out of this world, as if life stops still...with the confident let go of all the barriers, you learn to trust the paint and let it move about taking its own course, and what a beauty!

The whole process is so soothing and healing.  I have been struggling with this idea since many years... art, has to be effortless, if it needs a lot of effort , it is not art! But the mind with its knowledge is hard to quieten ...Somehow, learning to let go of all past, fears, anxieties and being grounded , trusting the Universe, A choice of always choosing good over negative, a choice made each second each moment... you always have a choice.

allowing the paint to flow, feelings were of immense freedom and joy. Not thinking about the results, and accepting each unique piece of art as from the energy of the Universe and my guides.

Symbols come up intuitively. No specific choice but there are a few favorites that are always seen in my healing paintings.  I love these, symbols, each Character has a world of possibilities! My precious Reiki symbols, especially the triple coiled symbol, power symbol Cho Ku Rei, it has immense beauty , charm and power to bring about wish fulfillment. Reiki healing art is not just for the written symbols, I have noticed with people who have added my healing art that Reiki brings about that,  what is for your good and long term good, new pathways emerge and it many times even surprises me and my art buyers alike as to realizing the higher plan of the Universe! The universe has this habit of surprising me with loads more that I expect in many terms, and I go about with selfless dedication, commitment,  and compassion making my healing art, and I love it, it loves me back manifolds!

Began with The Make Your pathway collection of abstracts in pouring technique,  11x15 inches, many abstracts, and then the painting "FIVE" is after making hundreds of pouring abstract artworks. and finally this Awesum Blue beauty, "INFINITE INFINITIES". 25x37 inches, acrylic on canvas, the surroundings of canvas also painted, nearly four to five inches side , same mix of colour, so can be gallery wrapped on frame.

Learned a lot, basically enjoyed a lot in this direction, as it brings out feelings of lightness, going with the flow, and it had a major impact on my life and my past (negative taught) beliefs. Brings a lot of happiness, There were lessons for those who observed and life lessons, relationship lessons, skill lessons,  happiness and joy lessons. Each paint,  a human soul takes its own path, some are leaders some are followers, no one is above the other, all are same pure souls, just on  a different wavelength.

As you make a path, the other poured paint follows and even on third fourth pour it follows the same path. Making a new path  is a bit difficult , as the  painted drip is absorbent and easily allows others to follow. While in wet paint it also merges happily with the new colour pour making a totally new colour, a new life , a soul of its own, and there are no individual identities remaining of the original colours used. If you want a different result, make new pathways, take the road less traveled! 

Thank you for coming by Razarts!

Have a Great Life Ahead!


Infinite Infinities! Deep Blue Large Abstract Reiki Painting

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    Thane, Maharashtra, India.

    *Disclaimer- Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere efforts. Reiki healing art is not a replacement to modern medicine.. 

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