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What Does Cho Ku Rei Mean? Symbolism and ways to write

Cho Ku Rei Cho Ku Rei Cho Ku Rei!! So much love and blessings!!! Symbolism at its best! This is a very beautiful symbol that has given me so much love! Triple coiled symbol is the Basic symbol in Reiki. It means power switch. I use it in different directions, writing , for different purposes in art. Magnify energy, to draw negative energy outward, opposite Cho Ku Rei and facing each other Cho Ku Rei. In my healing paintings Cho Ku comes everywhere with its love to put power there.

I have been painting symbols since past 20 years and as I strive to bring in so many different combination symbols, the Cho Ku Rei always tops with so much power! This single symbol is also enough with its beauty and grace! Studying about power of symbols I learned about ancient symbols, Sufi symbols, Wiccan, Latvian, Karuna Reiki symbols, numerology importance, sacred codes for healing, sigils that are so effective to bring change and positive results.

Clockwise,Anticlockwise , facing each other and opposite facing, each writing has different energy Symbolism and effects on our life.

Cho Ku Rei has to be written with absolute clarity in mind and thoughts. Strokes must be in smooth flow without break for it to bring energy to this.

Sharing about a beautiful painting, Magnification of Energy.

Reiki Cho Ku symbol abstract calligraphy red golden painting. A 14x20 inches spiritual abstract calligraphy painting, done in year 2009, in oils on oil sketch paper. Backed with hand made white card paper. Price mentioned is without frame. Shipping free.

The beginning of Reiki symbols in my healing paintings. Red, energy painting, with golden and orange, many shades of red , Crimson lake, Rose Madder Hue, and Vermilion Red hue are blended together with Alizarin Crimson. Power symbol in Reiki, a symbolic healing painting.. The symbol of Cho Ku Rei, a very powerful symbol to purify and attract good positive energy.

The displayed symbol magnifies your wishes and desires many folds as the symbol literally means , 'Put the Power Here' the triple coiled symbol, a precious Power switch, Chinese symbols of enlightenment, wealth, good luck, prosperity, double happiness all float as if healing all aspects of the entire life.

The technique of writing and over writing going with the flow, with the beautiful energy of my Reiki symbols. Like most of my artworks, even this leads to a pathway to open up Kundalini, latent energy and attracts Abundance.

My main aim being to enlighten and accept one's self and work towards a better vibrant future. While the flow of Calligraphy strokes move in harmony they form a design and synchronistic arrangement of symbols. Emerging from the many Chinese symbol characters, the focal point of the beautiful symbol Enlightenment.

Lines have fascinated me since the beginning from year 2000, begining with Freedom and Possessions, ( Freedom cubism abstract Framed painting available for sale) and just that now my lines have got a meaning! Intentions ! Chinese symbols for all the good things in life with the magnification of energy by the Golden Cho Ku Rei, this is one of my best symbolic artworks, its true after hundreds one of them comes out great, this is that one!.

God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!

While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.

Buy my paintings online only from my personal art website. I have removed all accounts on various art galleries now. No prints are available, only original a

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