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kintsugi Pot of Unending Prosperity very old artwork

kintsugi Pot of Unending Prosperity very old artwork

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Kintsugi, the story of the pot began after it fell. Old art, Vintage vase art, Tibetan Bhumpa, the Pot of inexhaustible treasures,  the old painting paper is crimped, conserved  stuck on white card paper.  The cracks, sealed, healed. You are unique, you have become more beautiful with your scars. As you closely notice this artwork it had cracked. Backed with white card paper. The lines, each one I have painted with golden paint and the artwork itself speaks of its story.. personal self acceptance and rising above your imperfections. Its what makes us more beautiful!!
Vintage artwork, great healing art, conversation piece, abundance pot.
Materials used- Oil on oil sketch paper and card paper. Size 20x26 inches, year 2009 repainted in year 2021.  Price of painting does not include frame. Shipping free.
One of the eight auspicious symbols in Tibetan Buddhism. Beautiful Mystic knot, unending knot dominating the Pot painting with Chinese characters raw calligraphy, symbols of life luck. Best Abundance Wealth paintings in Feng Shuii, Pots symbolize fertility, wealth and abundance. Hang this artwork in your home or office, best feng shuii sector is East and northeast.

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