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Tree of  Buddha! I am Respected famous

Tree of Buddha! I am Respected famous

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The Tree of Life! The Tree of Awakening! The Tree of Knowledge and Respect! Spiritual tree painting. Tree, with its majestic old age, sending down roots,  a spiritual artwork to attract respect and honor. The energy works for everyone viewing it. The painting Tree of Gautam Buddha has a soothing earthy appeal with the choice of colours and its symbolism. Displayed to attract long life blessings full of wisdom and respect. Best painting for office and entrepreneurs or business heads to achieve  complete success in life. Can be gifted for the seniors as well as top professionals for longevity and successful life. A Tall collage, oil sketch paper backed with marsala brown colored, soft self glittering hand made paper. Bringing in Earth Blessings with the auspicious Banyan Tree, the Tree of Gautama Buddha, the tree of life. Intentions to attract wisdom, and respect Fame
 Size of this tree painting is 9.5x17.5 inches, collage on hand made  card paper,."I attract good things in life" made by Reiki master healing artist Rizwana A.
Tree paintings in Feng  Shui are considered auspicious as they have growing energy and especially old trees and very lucky to be placed in south and east sector. The tree painting  can be hung even in offices to attract respect and honor in life. 
Thank you for coming by Razarts!Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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