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The Golden Road! Cubism canvas painting

The Golden Road! Cubism canvas painting

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The Golden road, inspiration The Red Pilgrim's dreams, journey, landscape. Cubism abstract painting done using oil paints on canvas. Size of this painting is 27x37 inches, precious artwork. Price mentioned is without frame. shipping free. Will be shipped in a tube as a roll. Comes with Authenticity certificate. 

Following my favourite expression, cubism, I love, thick brushes loaded with oils, the golden road is a spiritual abstract painting , an extension of windows of the soul,making of the dreams, embroidery outline design with loaded brush and then filling colors, choosing bright colors first and then moving to harmonize and unite the total areas of the painting, with my favorite colors, the different true blues! enjoyed this technique vibrant painting.
A colorful cubism abstract symbolic painting of dreams, travel and ambitions, done in oil paints on canvas.
dreams, ambitions, longings, a spiritual cubism representation in this colorful abstract.
Vibrant colors used to depict nature, water, the five elements following the principles of feng shui, journey and the golden spiritual road to enlightenment.
Working on composition of the artwork there are spaces of vacuum, and the blues, many colors and shades of blues, my favourite color, along with purple, magenta and golden color make this painting a spiritual artwork.
The painting is open to different perspectives and viewpoints as the eye jumps form one piece of stroke to another shapes flowing together blending to make a picture of the journeys of life. Little focal points, the Aeroplane, the tall New York Towers, then a well thought off pent house villa, with my heavenly friends Alexandrine parakeets...and yes, there is my studio, if you look closer,
People , though I have more bird and plant friends than humans , there are forms, people in this cubism abstract. Hinting at the vast landscape of mountains, the blue waters and the ferry, a dream ...the whole abstract is well defined with each character, each stroke, having an important role in the tapestry of life, The Golden Road!

Thank you for coming by Razarts! 
Have a Great Day from Rizwana! 
Your's The Red Pilgrim! 
All Paintings and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved including making prints © Rizwana A.Mundewadi. 


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