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Strong Flowers Embrace Life!

Strong Flowers Embrace Life!

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Strong flowers, inspirational Reiki symbol Sigil floral healing painting for home and office. Bold, strong and Will to achieve!
Feng shuii energy of strength symbolized by the choice of metallic acrylic paints, antique bronze flowers. Two strong colours, antique bronze and purple, The technique I used in year 2002, nostalgia swept, twisting the brush, this time with some intentions, Sigil markings, "I embrace life". Reiki flowers for life and health. Bringing a beautiful yet very strong energy to rise and shine.
Adding the tiny flowers, this has been more and more for family togetherness and bonding. Best feng shuii painting for understanding love harmony and facing life together. Wonderful gifting option for family occasions with reiki healing art. 
The artwork is done on paper in year 2016. Backed with thick hand made brownish metallic hand made card paper . Size of this Reiki flowers painting is 10.5x15 inches. Artwork is in Very Good Condition in year 2021. Shipping is free. Artwork is signed and numbered. Comes with Authenticity certificate signed by me.
Thank you for coming by Razarts!
All the Best from The Red Pilgrim!

All Paintings and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2000-2017 Rizwana A.Mundewadi

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