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Pink Bon Bons of Togetherness

Pink Bon Bons of Togetherness

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Pink Bon Bons ,insired by Chocolate for joy.Chinese symbols Reiki happiness art for sale by healing artist Rizwana A.Mundewadi. Best Dining room art and family room feng shui painting to attract well being, joy, family bonding and wealth. This festive season choose the healthy option of Chocolatey Reiki healing art!

Oil and Acrylic on oil sketch paper paper, size 10x14 inches, year 2017. Tangy Fresh strawberry  bon bons of love! Going with happiness healing art, hitting the taste buds and nasal senses! yellow cheerfullness bon bons, chocolates, The smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, brings feel good factor, relaxation. Contentment. Delicious, melting moments of happiness! Eating does bring Out of this world experience as the chocolaty bon bons melt... love, for chocolates , inspired by the melting cocoa chocolate, moments of happiness, Chinese symbols Happiness and Goodluck,, Reiki symbols, Chinese symbols, in this Chocolaty collection of Healing paintings! Beginning the Awesum Year 2017 with Awesum Sweet Healing Happiness! Instead of the anxiety , anti depressant depression pill go for a chocolaty healing painting!

Thank you, Enjoy!

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