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grey wisdom i find a job that pays well

grey wisdom i find a job that pays well

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Reiki symbol calligraphy abstract painting for attracting best job for your life success. If you find this struggle for finding or staying in a job allow Reiki energy to guide you. Trust the Universe ,she has everything in Abundance, and if you are struggling with finance, somewhere you are not following your soul purpose. With Reiki you allow the decisions and opportunities to unfold. Follow the messages and signs from the Universe, Reiki symbols love me so much, the energy, she never lets you down! Acrylic on drawing paper and recycled hand made purple card paper. Size of this artwork is 10x11 inches. Year 2018. All my paintings are signed and numbered and come with Authenticity certificate. Shipping free.

Thank you for connecting with my Reiki art!

Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

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