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Golden energies! Absolute Abundance!

Golden energies! Absolute Abundance!

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Golden Energies , spiritual cubism, Reiki Midas star artwork done on drawing paper in pen and acrylics. backed with thick hand made black card paper, size 12.5x18 inches. Year 2021. Art is in Good Condition.All paintings are numbered and signed by me and come with online Authenticity certificate of art originality signed by me. Absolute Abundance/Reiki symbol calligraphy abstract art by Rizwana A.Mundewadi. Absolute Abundance! the Reiki Midas Star! Star of David! Golden Energies, a collection of paintings done on drawing paper. The time of aloneness, chosen solitude, from the hustle bustle, from the web, a weeks off did wonders to the Healing energies and the downpour of pure healing again, feeling Awesum! The web demanding too much attention, , somewhere down the lane felt the magic reducing...and this was sure a required break. Connected to the Source, the Universe, the flow of easy Symbols, simplicity and Healing! again like always going with the flow... The drawings or artworks, are done in pen inks and golden acrylics. Necessity is the mother of invention, yes very true! No paints, was a boon! Reiki symbols Chinese Symbols as the intuitive energies go, following my spirit guides, a beautiful merging of Chinese symbols and Reiki symbols making this a modern abstract artwork, elegant, elite, beautiful and spiritual. Thank You! 

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