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Golden Circle Mystical Monochrome

Golden Circle Mystical Monochrome


Mystical, monochromatic, sometimes Black is necessary. It is quietness after the chaos of colors, it stills the mind and activates the soul. I am always for colour and love my colours the temptation was too strong to hold back my palette but YES really impressionable! The painting happened after quite a few years of chaos, thoughts , colors lights, turmoils and just wanting to be free of all this. While I keep reading of great masters, after my painting was selected by Saatchi Art to be a part of the online Rothko collection, then the dream came about to make a master piece, one that would bring out an emotional response from the viewer,
Mystical, monochromatic, sometimes Black is necessary. It is quietness after the chaos of colors, it stills the mind and activates the soul. I am always for colour and love my colours the temptation was too strong to hold back my palette but YES really impressionable!

The Golden Circle is a symbolic spiritual Reiki sacred geometry painting done on canvas in acrylic in year June 2016 . Size of the painting is 51x65 inches, the largest painting ever, first time in life
My main aim was since past many years to make an impressionable abstract, to get the reactions from viewers like they respond to Large canvasses of Rothko! While people sit in the gallery and observe his canvasses for hours, they stare at them, they cry and shed tears...that's the magic of art, and YES somewhat has come into this large healing painting.
I have silenced the noise of colors, and the stark black color itself is powerful and of course the energy Reiki symbols play their role with my intent and your viewing. Drawing towards it, connecting and healing the mind body spirit. It is my dream that this piece grows as a collectors item and finds space among the worlds best art galleries! and people sit near it and shed tears and heal themselves...years after I am gone...
The large size, over powering energy is mesmerizing and draws the viewer into the depth of bliss. Reiki symbols are in golden acrylics, the technique used is knife. A high energy artwork has been done in one sitting, it took me approximately more than four to five hours and was a beauty, but really it took me sixteen years to paint this in five hours!
The geometric Golden circle has a hint of Feng Shui symbolism of the eye. While it also represents self and a complete whole, it is also a focal point in the abstract composition that draws the eye directly towards it. Strokes are confident, pouring of paint , knife brings out beautiful energy strokes. Feng Shui symbolism always comes up as I want every artwork to heal and also act as an evil eye cure. So while anyone looks at the eye, the whole thought process is stilled and the inner soul is quietened, and the energy emitting from them is completely transformed into a more soothing positive one.
The black and white paints flow as if emerging into so many different interesting forms that are open to interpretation. I just let the knife and paints go about into a mesmerising dance, continuing with the pouring and squeezing of large tubes of acrylics and then just letting the free forms emerge, going about following my inner soul and intuition, my guides , without questioning or doubting about any form or shape. Life becomes so simple when in black and white and I have also been finding it difficult since some months to view colors. Today so many colors, media and ads all have glaring colors which hurt the eyes. And this has been leading me to go to the mystical monochrome.
Reiki symbols are just without any planning, my favourite power symbol, Cho Ku Rei, simply meaning put the power here, writing repeatedly the symbol itself in triple coils has brought me unknowingly to activate and awaken my Kundalini. Reiki Harth, healing all heart issues, harmony balance, love compassion and understanding. As always the beautiful geometric Midas star, Magical star, very powerful symbol to attract abundance. Not just money , but wealth in all aspects of life. The strokes are confident with abandon and happiness, healing , in fact I was under a trance till the strokes stopped and the knife and bottles tubes just kept piling over. I would never have used black paint but this sure was healing. And even after strong resistance there is a single stroke of purple dark violet , just a emotional evil eye cure to silence the pounding in my heart, stop myself from leaving back black art.
About Feng Shui symbolism- the north and north west sectors have the dominating element metal. The shape this element represents is circle. Having metallic colours here activates wealth luck. North west loves the energy of vast sky and the floating abstract is also in a way symbolic of the Universe within.
Number symbolism and numerology knowledge is added in form of nine small circles. Numbers when used correctly bring immense luck.
While zero has no value it when added to any number brings miraculous results. Zero, circles are very important as they indicate unending completeness, strong potential to change any situation and value. Number nine, the jackpot of celestial forces. Completion, satisfaction, when we reach here, it is as if we have ascended a level of understanding, at peace, and reached a cosmic satisfaction.
Hidden Symbolism in this large sized modern abstract painting, Open to different interpretations, great conversation piece for living rooms and absolutely breathtaking for white walls! The Golden Circle Mystical Monochrome!
This beautiful one has found a loving home in Singapore with my healing art lover, Hope the Universe Blesses her in unknowingly Awesum Ways!
Thanks a Lot!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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