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All That Power is Self LOVE! i am  a WARRIOR

All That Power is Self LOVE! i am a WARRIOR

₹60,000.00 Regular Price
₹48,000.00Sale Price

Personal empowerment, power activation, self Healing art, on Canvas board in acrylics.14"x18 inches.

without frame.

shipping free.

Layering with abstract, pouring pinks, different shades, in the beginning , dripping, adding layers of colours, geometry, Reiki, Chinese symbols, Finally emerging the large symbol of Love. the whole process, emergence of true , pure self love!

All That Remains is Love!

a process of developing and enjoying the energy. affirmations, sigils, mai yur ma, open my heart to give an receive love. bliss, pure love. love, wherein comes priority of self love and self acceptance. The empowering energy of love, that will over power all other energies and emerge beautifully, as a glow !

Soaring with confidence.

Painting is Numbered and comes with online Authenticity certificate of originality signed by me. Thank you for coming by Razarts Your's The Red Pilgrim!

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