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This Lamp never dies! #fire #diya #Fame tips #mylatestebookamazonkindle

Today's post is how you can do the fire section of your home and office very easily without actually using fire. This lamp never extinguishes and the fire never dies! I got this amazing idea to activate fire energy since the room felt very low of red energy. The oil lamp was not practical due to safety hazards so got the ides of led tiny lamps that work on cells. Self illuminating lamps are really amazing and you also do not have fire accident risks with children and pets around. I ordered a set of self illuminating diyas online and we have choice of white light, yellow light, colourful lights diyas ,lamps, torans ,wind chimes birds etc. and best part we do not need plug in's or electricity.

Sharing some photos.

Small self illuminating lights, available on, can be hung in fame section of your home or office to keep the energy activated. There are so many self illuminating objects like bird wind chimes that look amazing. lamps diyas are white, yellow light, colourful lights so now it is so easy to bring lights without any source of electricity. Will to work, desire to create is activated with this energy. It is best to use fire as in oil lamps diyas but in case you fear safety and risks then this idea will help you immensely. We had the antique Glass Lantern precious lamp, and instead of using the bulb I used the self illuminating diyas.

Take all safety precautions even with these self illuminating diyas as they may emit some gases which we do not know. I HAVE PLACED THEM IN THE LAMP BUT THE LAMP HAS OPENING TO LET OUT ANY GASES OR FUMES THAT MAY BE EMITTIED FROM THESE.

This is one of the main reasons why I advise to take real care and safety precautions to activate feng shuii fame sector with fire element.

How to add fire element in your home? You can use alternatives like red colour for wall, objects knick knacks and feng shui cures paintings for fame, sculptures vaastu for fame home decor items. There is immense power in burning diya or candle in south sector and if you can supervise it daily for even few minutes this will show you immense benefits.

The best way is to keep this active for at least 21 days. Cells need top be changes since these are small tiny cells. You will immediately see difference in your personal energy activation and also in your life wealth, fame, opportunities and will to work. Try it, it works!!!

For more on fame energy activation best is the Phoenix bird painting.

Use candle to burn it regularly supervised for benefits.

Red artefacts, sculptures, symbols of abundance and prosperity and activate fame.

This Amar pakshi Phoenix Rising Reiki Painting is one of my best art works! old precious Reiki Phoenix painting, an oil acrylic on canvas artwork repainted and framed in acrylic frame. Rising from ashes, literally when everything seems lost and business losses on verge of closing or completely closed, loss of work opportunities, job removals then there comes the time to activate the inner and outer fire with your soul latent energies, invoking blessings of The Amar Pakshi, Phoenix! Celestial bird Phoenix has never let anyone down if you give it some love. While also for challenges in career and businesses this bird brings immense fire and soul will energy to rise with full might and work towards fulfillment of goals , wealth activation and life joys.

If your main door is south use the energy constructively to bring in power and inspiration. Entrance Feng shuii is the mouth of your home, always keep it clutter free, inviting, decorated and full of positivity to nourish your home with chi. For more information on Feng shui visit my blog fengshui-simplecures

Colourful Flame of Purification

Feng Huang The Queen Bird painting in progress

Flame of Life art display in office

Feng shui Goodluck painting

Released my latest ebook after extensive reading, researching, understanding of energy, symbols, karmic effects on body health and disease, why diseases do not get healed? I explain with list of chronic serious diseases and why sometimes even after many medications you are never healed? why diseases keep coming up in your life again and again? how are disease manifestations connected to chakras, which chakras bring out certain disease? I also list simple daily rituals and few habits that will help you immensely to come out of this chronic disease trap and to enjoy life to fullest! check this Understand Root causes of your chronic disease with Reiki! Reach 99% Wellness with Daily Rituals.

All the Best from Rizwana!

Your's The Red Pilgrim!

Professional Reiki healing artist India.

Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading reiki energy with the world through my spiritual symbol soulperkup healing art!



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