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The Wheel of Karma Inspiring art

The Wheel of karma, is one of the few large sized paintings, very precious artwork, I did in my early years with making art. Intersting artwork.

Deep symbolism.

Wheel symbolise movement, rotation, energy. They are symbols of continuous flow. Karma wheel. Modern Geometric spiritual painting.

The painting is bespoke style statment artwork, especially for living room and reception area. Conversation piece!

oil on canvas painting, large canvas, size 30x40 inches, year 2001. Art is signed and numbered and comes with Authenticity certificate signed by me. Will be shipped as roll in Tube.

Without frame shipping free.

Style statement art! Spiritual geometry painting. Done in year 2001.

Kandinsky inspired art

Kandinsky inspired which I came to know after many years, when I chanced upon his book on life of kandinsky in a book exhibition.

large sized painting, sacred geometry symbolic cubism abstract painting done on canvas in oil paints. and acrylic. symbolic abstract painting of one of eight, the Buddhism symbol karmic wheel which keeps turning. Little did I know about its symbolism, then, yet the wheel of life as it keeps turning, I had not studied so much then about the auspicious symbols of Buddhism and the Wheel of Dharma symbols and this artwork has been painted after doing Reiki healing third degree and becoming a Reiki Master .

Done in oils on large sized canvas, size 30x40 inches in year 2001. Retouched with acrylics in year 2016. The painting does show influence of spiritual abstraction like Kandinsky which I later read and understood about in a book on Kandinsky. The colourful circles, destiny, Universe, magical, and yes the Universe did work and unfold its wonders for me. The spiritual painting is also my soul's longing for harmony, peace and enlightenment. The large canvas, of planets, and the planet with so much happening, was it earth that I wanted to express, or was it my soul within? the turmoils and the dark matter, the happiness of other pure colorful circles. Karmic release, the symbol I think likens to the milky way, I used to be a lot fascinated with the Universe then, year 2001, its magical powers, karma , and still used to sit at late nights observing from my little space under the sun, my precious extended family of plants, terrace garden, it just helps me connect spiritually, realize how small I am and how vast and beautiful the Universe is! and of course wishing on looking upon a falling star! yes the Universe is Magical! Also hardly did I know the spiritual journey would be a long one trying, testing ...yet so beautiful, enjoying every bit of this journey of The Red Pilgrim!

Artwork is in Very Good Condition in year 2023. Canvas painting, without frame and shipping free.

Don't forget to check the discounted price! Add this to your spaces!



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