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Squeezing the oils! Year 2001!Abstracts and Cubism Nostalgic artworks!

The Spill, Untitled! have you ever squeezed an oil tube, you will understand how immensely satisfying the experience is with the smell of oils flowing smoothly from the tube, and then another tube and randomly another one, and then the folding of paper umpteen times and bravo! Eureka moments! money can't buy those moments!

Overflow is a very precious artwork from my very early art collection titled evolution. From that collection only this single piece remains intact. As I shuffled through my paintings these still have such spiritual soothing strong energy vibes. Year 2001. Oil on paper backed with hand made textured dark green card paper. Size of this abstract still life painting is 8x11 inches. Artwork is signed and numbered and comes with Authenticity certificate signed by me. Price mentioned is for the artwork without frame. Shipping is free.

The technique was of directly squeezing oils on paper and then folding them umpteen times to bring out interesting forms. In this post today, taking you back to the beginning of my art making and the foremost collection. First times are always precious! isn't it?

This Spill- The thoughts at that time were of the Indian cultural symbolism of over flowing the milk to bring in prosperity. During festivals south Indians used to consciously allow the over flow of milk from the vessel to make this ritual of bringing in blessings of limitless abundance for the year ahead. Pots were and till date are my favourite subjects till date to attract feng shuii abundance and wealth.

Artwork is open to interpretation with its interesting forms and impressions.

There were thousands of paper abstracts with limited resources I obsessively squeezed oils on small papers and the technique was so full of excitement and joy because I really did not have any idea as to what would emerge from this. the artwork was totally abstract, no aim, just the energy. Cubism is where I began and it happened naturally. I did not choose the geometric shapes, they just happened as my inclination towards painting interesting geometric forms and then labeling the Untitled artworks. Year 2000 was few canvasses of oils and loads of paper works. The techniques were interesting as I am not a trained artist so trust me each stroke, each new colour shade made brings immense excitement and joy. And of course there is also a lot of struggle to mix and form a certain hue or shade I want because of my limited knowledge and no guidance from any other artist. Today I really have to thank YouTube for the amazing art videos, but then ,I am a very bad follower, copy artist, and I can't even paint my own art again. So it is always a unique paintings that comes out from me.

When I squeezed the different tubes of oils, I used Camlin oil paints earlier and now there are more international brand colours that I use in my art.

So the solitude was constructive with my inner journey, a search for who am I? my identity? All art happened after doing third Degree Reiki Masters course over the span of meditations, exercises and extensive readings with spiritual music assistance.

Sometimes I do wonder will the well of creativity dry? I still am confused why artists talk about artist blocks? I have always felt the intense need of art supplies and space. I wish I had limitless art supplies, imagine tons of paint cans and rolls of canvasses, large size canvasses, and a large studio space to bring out my best energy art. then my solitude brings in the stored energy of overflowing more and more art with the wish to leave behind a legacy of healing artworks. More than two thousand five hundred paintings are stored in my home that are numbered and our home is an art gallery with every wall having paintings displayed. I need to be surrounded by art..always..

Those abstracts were hundreds and thousands as each day I would begin making art with papers and papers around and then scattering them to dry. there were also roses I painted which i have now backed with other paper to protect them. I did not know we must take oil sketch paper for oil paintings and as canvas was costly, with no exposure of my art or any source of personal income after leaving my teaching job. The art materials would be from gifted money on family occasions and festivals that was redirected to buy art materials for painting. Tearing old artworks video on YouTube,

The above artwork my second floral painting, the first was "Outstanding"

Outstanding! the White hibiscuses
Outstanding! the White hibiscuses 16.5x28 inches(make an offer)

white hibiscuses and the third was sold, "Life" the first from this photo collage below.


Yet as a few remain from those abstracts of joy, most I have torn and burnt and fed the ashes to my garden plants who are happy, those few are still beautiful with their old vintage look charm. I still smell them and it takes me back to those innocent joyful days, the papers are yellowed and old, some I back with card papers... abstracts on oil stained papers...and those cubism abstract paintings are still communicating their own story as I have assembled many in collages-titled "A few Years of My Life"...I would still say to every artist, choose solitude, it will bring out the best in you! Do it with innocence, purity of mind and make art that heals!

Coming to year 2021,latest one with precious Golden Tea Times collection coming up!

Thank you for coming by Razarts!

All the Best from Rizwana! Your's The Red Pilgrim!

Dedicated since year 2000 towards bringing joy to the world with my Reiki symbol healing paintings.



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