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Spend a few minutes with my art! how to Learn to pause in generation of instant gratification?

Did you notice how we all are so preoccupied with our tiny shiny objects that people hardly speak to anyone or even eat at their family table clicking messages continuously. At funerals instead of burying the dead with respect people stand far off and only are a visual attendee with their tiny objects taking over them completely. And the worst example when someone is sharing their really serious issues people are on WhatsApp! no wonder the generation is collapsing with energy drain! however healthy you eat you don't feel energetic. Brain continuously is wasting up energy reading forwarded created media messages. so many separations, divorces, suicides and mental disorders. Quick gratification, instant fame, instant success, highest paying job! it's not that we don't care, it is just that we are not taking anyone or anything seriously! many things require nurturing, caring and dedicated love.

The Universe works in a different manner. there is a Gratitude game she loves. The more gratitude you have for a thing the more you are given of that thing. If you keep complaining then what ever you have will also be taken away. Reading the Secret Magic book again and again, by Rhonda Byrne. Pause and smile as you look at my healing painting hanging on your wall!

The Aesthetics of Art?  meaning of aesthetics is to appreciate beauty or something concerned with beauty. Give or desire to give pleasure through beauty. It may be an object, a small thing or even an experience of the free flowing waters in the mountain ranges, each one differs in explaining and experiencing aesthetics, that is expressing a beautiful emotion.

Let us see this Feng shuii tree painting to challenge your brain.

Two Turquoise Pots of Apple Trees painting
Two Turquoise Pots of Apple Trees painting

Feng shuii Oranges Money Tree painting
Feng shuii Oranges Money Tree painting

Wish fulfillment tree ,

The Wish Fulfillment Tree painting for sale
The Wish Fulfillment Tree painting for sale

Then how does your brain react to this Orange Tree in square vase? now this Two apple trees in Turquoise pots? The tree of Gautam Buddha, what thoughts have come up? Feng shuii wealth tree? do you see money, cash, gold coins already? your brain has somersaulted to from one tree to another and immediately messages have already been registered about wealth, trees, feng shui energy, as your view there are thousands of thoughts coming up in your brain. What  are these trees? why are they painted by the artist? what messages are coming up in my brain? is there a power in this art to change lives? 

Tree of respect
Tree of Respect

WELL! it definitely does! bringing about life change with symbols since past two decades, healing energy and power of wall art is something you cannot deny and it sure has hit all your senses? hasn't it? do comment below! Now one of my Precious Tree of Symbols painting, surely your mind will want to ZOOM it, hop from one side to another, trying to understand, recognize, read , identify symbols..isn't it? 

Tree of symbols! Chinese calligraphy  blue tree painting
Tree of symbols! Chinese calligraphy blue tree painting

This was a simple exercise I shared to help you experience the beauty of art and aesthetics of art, art appreciation. Share your emotions below in comments, I am so sure they are different for every individual viewer and also very interesting viewpoints perspectives come up.

An object or thing that has aesthetic appeal is the one that hits all the five sense at a time. In this internet age and electronic gadgets radiations the one thing missing is grounding energy. This is a generation of instant gratification. So fast, one moment they are looking at something and seem deep into and them next moment they are somewhere totally opposite. Interest retention is a big issue now. There seems to be an overload of web, YouTube, social media, and mobile phones that can access enough data to keep you hooked 24x7 for life! and keep you tied to your phone for every second! (that was intended to make us aware of world connections and timings of day and night inter mingled). Your life is going on...time never waits...

I have taken the solitude, a chosen solitude to keep the Reiki energy from wasting off. We have forgotten to appreciate things in life, we eat so fast and gobble everything and expect to attract good health! from the big things to the little things all go unnoticed in the daily fast paced life.  Isn’t it time to connect yourself with some beauty and surround yourself with some aesthetic experiences, appealing objects, maybe some of art. Anchoring your mind and senses focussing on Reiki symbol art, minimalism at its best! Symbols will take you to another realm and bring inner joy which will spread to your environment and outside world.

The beauty of art and healing energy of art, is it takes you to another dimension, one from which you are at present,  to some where unknown to you. It has been with so many that they have never had this surreal experience and once they have looked at an art piece and then there was no looking back. The aesthetics of symbol art has been a missing factor in many lives, where people just have forgotten to tickle this sense all together. Learning to appreciate life and the beauty of life is gone missing some where in this daily hustle bustle , called life.  

Art is soothing, art is inspiring and art is cathartic. Art is perception through the senses.

Expressing, defining, describing, understanding and appreciating a piece of art. Art will not only bring your family together but will also bring harmony and the word aesthetics, appreciation in your life. You can set an example of bringing this beautiful emotion experience into your family and children's’ lives. Make them understand and learn to appreciate the value of art and beauty in art.

Have you ever given this a thought ? maybe a new way of looking at things. Giving different meanings and understanding symbols in your daily life. Learn to discover new ways of looking at things.  

How will your child enjoy a fun loving vibrant colour painting? and you know it will heal. Or for the divas in your family the abstract brings out energy of joy and all the way connects to your soul leading you, redirecting you towards the best path.

Art has the power to transform, change and evolve an individual. While learning the aesthetics in art one begins with questions, yes questions are an essential part , beginning to understand, sharing views, sometimes leading questions and sometimes totally a different approach to the work of art, it also opens new doors of hidden talent when we come up with beautiful words, exciting, challenging, defining words of expression for an artwork.

From leading a monotonous common life to an more exciting and adventurous one of a kind life, learning and appreciating every thing as a blessing.

The missing quotient and spark of life is we have lost this magic some where down the lane. Learning to appreciate things, giving a moment of pause and looking at the new bud, experiencing the wind blowing against your face, looking at the moving cloud with their unique symbolic shapes, the touch and smell of fresh soil after the first rain, there is too much beauty around us which often and most of the times is going unnoticed . Life has become a journey too much to be taken for granted. Expression and aesthetics must be brought back, learning to appreciate experience and connect with true self.

Give your child the gift of joy, learning to appreciate things in life and you will give the world a better, happy and well adjusted and confident individual. Following their own soul purpose. The human brain has immense powers, Reiki art connects to the brain hitting at all senses, learn to tap these and make your life successful not only in terms of things that money can buy  but in terms of love and happiness.

Aesthetics in art brings about a change of mind, relaxes the brain and triggers the emotions. It will connect to the brain and the heart and also have visual appeal with bright vibrant colors, It may be a simple stroke or a complex artwork, each one connects differently to different viewers. Bringing about a totally new wholesome approach towards an artwork, the aesthetic appeal is much much more than a few words of good, great and colorful artwork!

Art is one sure way to connect with your self. Your soul.  Viewing a work of art may connect you in many ways. While you visually connect with looking at the piece, the smell of fresh oils and canvas, and the textures, or images all hit about and take you to another fantasy land where you connect with your own experiences and emotions.

(All paintings in this post are my original Reiki artworks and are available for sale)

No wonder you observe an art lover in an art gallery, they will look at the art from a distance, then go some what close, there is also a tendency to touch and feel the canvas and oils (if you pretend to not look), some even go to extremes to smell the frame! Here would like to mention my personal experience that even now as I see this painting it somehow brings back the smell of oils in my nostrils, "Ecliptic Enclosure My Happy Space" as I had painted this and then allowed it to dry for many days-oil paintings take time to dry. As you mention a word there is a tingle to all senses bringing back feelings from taste to smell to sound to touch! feel it?

Aesthetics is much more from the physical aspect of art. No, when you talk of a artwork, when you buy a painting, it is not just the paints, the canvas and the frame of wood! As some explain the art takes you to another world, hidden meanings, symbols that play in front of your eyes, dancing, moving trying to communicate, connecting with the soul, healing the heart and the eyes, gripping and almost a connection , most beautiful words expressing art! Yes, symbols speak..every painting has its own soul, title and life story..if only you would stand still and listen! You will transform!

Eccliptic Enclosure! My happy Space! Reiki cho ku Rei abstract painting
Eccliptic Enclosure! My happy Space! Reiki cho ku Rei abstract painting

Thank You, Have a Great Day and All the Best from Rizwana! 

A Healing Artist selling original art @ The Red Pilgrim's Soul Perk^Up Healing Art 

Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading health wealth love and prosperity to the world with my Reiki symbol healing paintings.



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