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Painting on Your Wall Just Killed Your Creativity! mind confused Check Your Wall Art!

Painting on Your Wall Just Killed Your Creativity! yes, of course that happens and you don't even realize! Such a costly Painting hanging on your Wall Just Killed Your Creativity!

Does this happen or can this happen? Yes!

So many times whenever I start feeling low energy or a sort of dullness begins to spread in my days I change a few things in my environment immediately. We don't want to lose precious time by going in the dull phase for long. Trust me on that, the negative energy feels so simple and tiny negative but over the days it can spread fast to your full life sectors.

In fact even when you are going through a dull phase in your life you must check out what symbols you are surrounded with. I myself being a healing artist since past twenty years still refresh my surroundings by shifting my artworks, doing some DIY projects in home decor, adding new plants, recycling, upcycling art, rearranging some furniture and painting new art. A small flower also does wonders to your mood, isn't it? but it dries off, hence the feng shuii Reiki flower paintings that keep spreading energies for many years.

Symbolism in Depressive Emotional Paintings have been though of in analyzing paintings especially Van Gogh and his self portrait of bandaged ear and The Scream by Edvard Munch 1893 are still one of the rarest and most emotional out burst and artist can get.

Negative emotions, disturbed emotions, depressive expressions are a way artists may represent their inner feelings pouring them on the canvas. While the most sought after paintings and world famous artworks are those that bring out an emotional response from the viewer and are so real that they can give shivers to your spine, following the symbolism and analyzing the effects these artworks have on our psyche and brain are not so very good.

No doubt art is a freedom of expression and these have thus found a prominent place in art history and enjoy the status of master pieces in top Art Galleries of the world, they are what we term best in art galleries and not for your living rooms or home spaces!

Then also dust accumulated on the old paintings has a negative influence on surroundings and viewers. Here is a YouTube video on my Channel where I show live demonstration How to clean costly canvas paintings at home. and How to clean costly paper paintings at home? video.

Your wall painting can just kill your emotions, creativity and life energy if it is depressive and with dull colors and negative symbols.

If you are a speaker or in such a profession where you have to take meetings and speak you need Reiki for throat chakra clarity. Reiki for negotiating skills? here is a tiny art card that can be placed on your office wall or as office table art - "I am a better communicator".

The feng shui creativity corner falls west and if you display a muddy dirty colored confusing abstract artwork here it will definitely mar your creative energies, make you confused, you will lose your ability to think clearly and often tend to make wrong decisions that will affect your career, job, wealth, relationships, and whole life.

If your wall art has negative emotions, like crying, weeping, lost, loneliness, death then surely these things will gradually start taking prominent place in your life and you will not even realize when your life will turn into one like the wall painting!

If you find your mind confused, thoughts not clear and not much creative progress in your work, just check your feng shui creativity corner! Feng shuii west is really important. Activate it with simple feng shui cures and see the results!

Try it, Feng shuii Reiki works!

Surround yourself with symbols of abundance, great health, happiness, wealth and Success!

Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

Your's The Red Pilgrim!



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