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Modern Tangy Twist Mouth Watering Emotions Sharing about Kiwilicious

Sharing the inspiration for this beautiful collection. Kiwilicious!! Fruit paintings are usually hung in kitchen, dining room and family room with bright colourful fruits. My Artworks are Contemporary unique with pure energy and modern twist. Love the Vitamin shot of Kiwi,they are fantastic energy boosters..Kiwi inspired Feng shuii fruit paintings collection modern tangy twist with mouth watering emotions from healing art for joy and happiness.

Rasberries have a childhood nostalgia with the red drinks we would get as cold drink and yet brings joy with its memories. so rare and absolutely fruity!

Watermelon and strawberry are favourite!!

Kiwi is an exotic fruit that is favourite and brings best of Vitamins so the inspiration for this fruity collection came from a display of a juice centre at a marriage function I attended and there was this unique way the server was cutting and displaying and serving fruits, hexagon the Feng shui shape of Ba Gua was in itself a beautiful shape.

Modern Reiki fruit paintings

the modern artworks of Kiwi fruits with Reiki energy will surely lead you to a healthy lifestyle and you will start with healthy choices of fruits and foods. Try it, it works!

Family rooms Dining rooms and Kitchen fruits paintings to bring health wealth and joy to you and your family. Modern Contemporary Reiki fruit paintings for sale only from my website.

Acrylic on Drawing Paper, size is 11x14 inches, year 2017.

Best for South and East sectors but can be displayed on any wall of home or office. Also good as children's room paintings. Activate restaurants and Food outlets with modern healing fruit paintings.

Thanks for coming by Razarts!


The Red Pilgrim



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