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Does energy of feng shui cure become Null Void!where to hang Horse Shoe cure in U. S. where it snows

Let me first explain the meaning of Conversion rate of feng shuii energy? what do you mean by conversion rate of feng shuii energy? like we are checking the value of Dollar and Rupee, obviously we like the higher conversion rate for profits!

simply putting it means you have applied certain feng shuii cures and the effects you will see, difference in your life, health, wealth and relationships , generally your quality of life.

When you hang a feng shuii painting, a healing Soul Perk painting it is power packed with energy and will start its effects immediately. Though the transformation process may take time but the conversion rate of change begins as you hang the artwork in the best feng shuii sector.

Now you know the rate of changes you see after you start using any feng shuii cure. Do these cures become null and void? yes, of course they will stop working in certain cases.

1-If they are rusted and have gathered dust.

2-If the cures are chipped and broken.

3-If the feng shuii cures are made of wrong element that is cheap materials.

4-If the cures are hung in wrong direction where it clashes with the feng shuii sector element.

5) Cures hung without intentions may not show you results.

6) When someone casts an evil eye on the sure they may stop working or even break, like in cases of mirrors, gemstones, and Feng shuii sculptures.

8) When you have accumulated a lot of negative energy and lost hope of seeing any changes from the cures, they may ceases to work for you.

9) Null and Void energy is dangerous in feng shuii. I always advise never to leave any space empty from intentions. Even your mind needs direction so also your home must always be reflecting positive symbols energy of hope wealth and joy. My paintings have the Reiki energy with colours of healing, the beautiful Reiki symbols artworks act as gentle reminders in your daily routines to achieve your goals.

10) Sometimes they take a backseat when you add new objects or furniture. You stop caring for them and they stop giving you love.

Always remember feng shuii cures made with hand are much better than machine made products. And that you have to keep caring for them to work for you.

Query, Where do I hang my horse shoe outside my main door where it is heavily snowing? will the feng shuii cure work?

Thank you for your query ms X from the US, that is just what the post is intended to answer as we all want our feng shuii cures to work for us.

Keeping in mind horse shoe cures but this also applies in general to all feng shui cures

1) This is important that the feng shuii cures be put with positive intentions

2) Important that feng shui cures be cared for to keep them activated.

3) right placement is important to see results.

4) Right procedure for implementing important.

5) sometimes the energy becomes null and void as for use after many years and not maintaining the health of your feng shui cure.

In United States the climate does sometimes bring in challenges. you can hang the horse shoe outside your main door with positive intentions. As for snowing months see that you protect the horse shoe from getting rusted with exposure to heavy winds, rain, snow. I would suggest you opt for indoor feng shuii cures to avoid climatic effects on your feng shui wealth prosperity cures from becoming null and void.

6) More dangerous is when the Feng shui cures start emitting shar energy/poison arrows. That is when the feng shuii cures hurt you in some form or other like a chipped cure, rusted cure, broken horse shoe cure that every time you view makes you feel sad and incomplete. This affects the results coming up from the cures in a negative manner.

7) If the horse shoe hanging outside your door brings you fear of some one stealing it, or the shoe getting covered by snowfall again and again becoming invisible. two things may happen, the energy becomes null and void and other is they get rusted and cease to function effectively.

8) You can also hang the horse shoe in special cases on the inside of your main door. This will solve your problem immediately.

9) Hang a Horse shoe feng shui cure painting which when placed in your space will work on complete goodluck and protection. Black Horse of Triple Luck.

Do you want to make your feng shuii cures work faster for you? email me now for free guidance! I answer at earliest however many emails I get, each one is answered with care and proper tips. When there is overload you will get your answer within three days max.

Thank you so much for connecting with me!

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Share this with someone who needs this guidance now! get some good karma! As this year is about to end here's wishing you Tons of Goodluck! The painting Opportunities is an precious painting of year 2000 whi8ch I have retouched with acrylics. The vibes are so Awesum it sure has strong symbolism. Fascinated with feng shuii symbolism of Door, yes, main door feng shuii is of utmost importance, I will share in another post, that if you activate your main door it is as good as 85% complete luck feng shuii done. Chinese symbols have been my favorites with their symbolism and hidden meanings that I was fascinated by. The symbolism and my thoughts were about what people wish for. yes, everyone wants health, love, wealth, success, happiness, peace, the hinting of those long lists that each year we make to achieve. Focusing and bringing the energy spot on target is a single character, text, word, Goodluck. The beautiful Reiki door shining bright. I had to paint those light strokes repeatedly to bring about the vibrancy. The oil painting has warm colour tones and the retouched version has bright doors. For those who have been following my work Freedom Possessions know I had only warm and soft colour schemes used in my art in year 2000. Then colours came into my life and my art. Actually its the other way. I started choosing bright colors in my art and life started to change with joy. I wanted to bring in the energy of opportunities. When you find yourself loaded with talent and energy and are not finding the outlet for expression you see so many doors open up with hard sincere efforts. My simple yet, strong symbolic expression was painted after a lot of reading and getting attracted to interior decor doors. Doors even now fascinate me but I have not done any more paintings on this subject.

When you think and observe the artwork there is also so much about hidden symbolism. When you quieten your mind from feng shuii you will notice the innocent intentions of having it all. Hinting delicately at some open doors, some more wide and the widest open best door in life.

About why the artist painted doors? you may also be led to think the artist introvert, wat social connections, to connect to open up to the world. While some may hint upon the door as sexual expression of freedom some will see images and figures in the abstract colours of the doors.

Remember when you buy any Doors painting or hang any doors painting in your home and office for feng shuii luck and wealth cure, take some extra precautions because we want to allow the energy to enter our home and office and not go away from that. So if in doubt, ask! I am here!

Make this New Year the most happening year of your life! Add some Reiki healing art! Trust the process, allow the flow!

Here's Wishing You an Amazing 2021!

Thank you so much for connecting with my Healing art!

All the Best from Rizwana!

Your's The Red Pilgrim!

Dedicated since year 2000 towards redesigning lives with healing art!



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