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Divine Luck Celestial Formation Inspiration Symbolism behind this painting

Beautiful, Positive Vibes, Powerful symbolism painting. Divine Luck! Celestial formations, Bespoke, only one of a kind artwork, Reiki and Sacred geometry! Self empowerment Reiki art. Divine Luck the Celestial Formations is an unframed, oil on canvas healing painting,

size 19x29 inches, year 2012.

Artwork is in Very Good Condition in year 2023.

Will be shipped in a tube as a roll.

Price mentioned is without frame.

Shipping free.

Influence of the mandala structures and formations and the floating symbols in my mind and my canvas. Intentions always for healing, to spread joy, happiness, luck and harmony.

From the dull muddied colours of previous years with making art, this artwork was a breakthrough with minimalist colour palette, needed a lot of self control for this as I love colours and just can't help but put so many of them on my canvasses! My strong belief that balance can be brought with simply balancing a few lines, there is immense power in wall art, and you can become what you see and are exposed to every day, trying to paint obsessively on this and also seeing a lot of great results!

The circular motion of symbols felt here was not planned and just allowed the flow making each symbol to form and take its natural course. there was a deep within sense to bring harmony, balance, from the inner fears, deep embedded negative beliefs and value systems, anxieties.The painting has soothing vibes with power packed Reiki energy. Dominating , Peach and Ultra Marine Blue, two beautiful colors used with white. there are reds, oranges, blues ,especially cerulean blue, camlin blue , and french ultra marine blue.Warmth , and healing the background itself was an abstract with so much emotions and strokes formations, representing the vast sky, symbolically life...There was no google with me at that time, so the formations were hardly recognized as Alchemical and were mystical for me.

Today in year 2023 when I observe the artwork carefully, after many years of making this, there is such a drawing within energy, symbolism and strong composition.A symbolic abstract healing painting to develop karuna compassion and increase personal ki energy.Sacred geometry symbolic healing painting on canvas for wellness and Feng shuii good luck.Traditional Reiki and Reiki Seichem symbols used in this healing artwork for complete healing of past, present and future karmic issues.The Seichem Violet flame purifies the soul and the whole environment, the beautiful "Harth' pure love symbol leads to acceptance and developing love for self and the things we do.These Seichem symbols are used in healing to increase the feminine energy which is often missing leading to emotional and adjustment problems in life. Pure love, self acceptance and emotional healing. karmic healing.Reiki Seichem 'Mara" symbol very important symbol used for grounding connecting us and opening the immense power to the blue electromagnetic energy of the earth, also a symbol for abundance this is used for attracting wealth and money luck.The emotional healing symbol that flows as if in a form of blooming flower, Se he Ki, its circular flow purifying the inner and outer self.

Protection and healing.My favourite Reiki purification symbol , the triple coiled symbol, Cho Ku Rei, completes the healing artwork with protection and harmony. The symbol simply means"put the power here" a seal from a pure channel of Reiki, Reiki Master!Very precious art, one of a kind, and a great conversation piece!!!

Simply pure energy symbols, healing, after self Reiki for so many years, there are arty expressions!Celestial formations and a form of symmetry in asymmetry!

Divine Luck the Celestial Formations is an unframed, oil on canvas healing painting, size 19x29 inches, year 2012. Price mentioned is without frame. Shipping free.

Enjoying every bit of this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...

God Bless from Rizwana!

All Paintings and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2000-2023 Rizwana A.Mundewadi




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