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Bells Sound as Feng Shui Cures!Powerful Symbolism of Gunshot Sound in Purification

Gun shot sounds asmr reiki videos for strong negativity removal! Bells, sound can be effectively used as feng shui cures for purifying negative energy and attracting new positive energy. Air, stagnant air and negative environment can be effectively purified with use of sound in feng shui. Powerful gunshot sounds are really very effective in removing blocked stagnant dense negative energies and it works.

Antique Canons
Antique Canons

Avoid placing canons guns or weapons displayed in homes. They bring uneasiness and argumentative energy i placed facing towards viewer or in bedroom.

Destroy your enemy without doing anything powerful youtube shorts asmr reiki healing video

There are feng shui bells, the Tibetan bell that produces echo sound with vibrations of the gong. this is a very beautiful feng shui cure and sound can be very effectively sued in every home irrespective of the religion. Even small bells available for puja will work in the same way , purify your space and attract positivity and wealth.

Bells, metal bells used as feng shui cures over the inside of doors for wealth luck often may rust, break or even get stolen. In any case replace them or if they fall off or have the fear of getting stolen again try to avoid using this cure.Never let dust or cobwebs surround feng shui bells tied with red ribbon to your door handles.

Never over do this feng shui cure with putting loud music or religious chants in full volume, in aim to remove negative energy, remember feng shui is all about harmony and balance The soothing sounds in sequence type will be great feng shui cure but loud music or ringing of the bell will make the environment tense and everyone surrounded by this sound will have the feeling of living on the edge.

Bells hung on the main door, inside, are effective cures to attract wealth and money luck into your home. It is very auspicious since ancient times in Italy , Ireland, British cottages bakeries, Switzerland villages shops where the bells wind chimes were hung at entrances to welcome chi and good business, even today it works. Chinese culture has immense symbolism in feng shui bells. maneki Neko cat at entrances welcomes prosperity. Laughing Buddha welcomes wealth and blessings. Welcome blessings The Red Pilgrim videos- money daily Youtube money shorts Morning Aarti Reiki video

Gun shots sounds symbolism is immense as I experienced the asmr energy reiki videos have strong effects. It is a catharsis energy when you listen to powerful gun shot sounds. I have used asmr gun shot sounds in powerful negative energy removal reiki videos. Removing stubborn dense clogged negative energies, removal of evil spirits from any space. It is a form of removing ill energy from mind and place. Purification rituals for reiki.

Usually I never used such sounds earlier but understanding tis symbolism and powerful results it works. This is in no way related to real guns use, it is just the sound in app made with reiki symbol art to bring out asmr effects of release and peace.

Thank you for reading, hope this post has been of value to you!

All the Best from Rizwana! Your's The Red Pilgrim

Professional Reiki healing artist since year 2000.

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