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Ashtamangala Artworks Collection Symbolism

There are eight auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism which were traditionally offered to teachers to transmit them to students and in healing rituals.

The Opulent Eight blue golden minimalist Eight artworks

Each symbol represents one of Buddha's teachings and when used all together their power is multiplied many folds. With these symbols appearing in most of my healing paintings along with Reiki symbols and Chinese Calligraphy I would like to give an simple explanation of these eight auspicious symbols.

1) Parasol- The Umbrella, symbolizes royalty and spiritual power, protection from negative energies.

2) Gold Fishes, represent fertility and good fortune.Two fishes help to swim through the ocean of life problems smoothly.

3) Treasure Vase, a vase of inexhaustible treasures, spiritual and material abundance, satisfaction from all material desires.

4) Lotus, denotes mental and spiritual purity and peace. The growing of lotus in muddied water symbolizes the mind and soul growing from disturbances towards enlightenment.

5) Conch Shell represents the call for Buddha teachings, the symbol of enlightenment.

6) Endless knot having twined knots that are inter linked together also termed as mystic knot as the beginning and end of the knot is not visible.

7) Victory Banner depicts victory of truth, peace and harmony over evil forces. Used to bring about victory in career, wealth and health and in fact all areas of life.

8) Wheel, representing the never ending cycle of life learning, its movement in circular direction, never ending indicates spiritual growth and learning of Buddha principles and bringing about spiritual change.

The eight lucky symbols often termed as Ashtamangala are the most powerful symbols used to bring about harmony, luck peace and enlightenment. The qualities of Buddha are represented by these eight auspicious symbols. Ashtamangala! Eight Minimalistic, Modern, Healing artworks done on drawing cartridge paper 11x15 inches in acrylic. Without frame shipping free.

Minimalist Eight Ashtamangala Artworks

These Spiritual Paintings are unique art and also great as memorable gifts to self and others. They bring peace, harmony, love, happiness, Wealth and Good health. Complete Goodluck paintings.

Thank you for coming by Razarts !

All the Best from Rizwana!

Yours The Red Pilgrim



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