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24th Year Celebration! 50% Price discounts* Grab Deals on Original Artworks Sale

Auspicious lucky 24th year of making art began from May 2023. Celebrate your life with my beautiful Reiki art!

Sale of all artworks, grab the deal! If you have saved, shortlisted paintings for home and office from my website, now is the right time to buy art.

In this very auspicious 24th year sharing my joy with fantastic deals on all art above 20000 Rupees. 50% discount on art priced above 20000.

All artworks are without frame unless mentioned in description. Shipping free all over India.

With orders of groups of Paintings, you can also send as gifts for all occasions. With minimal added price you can get your Artworks framed in acrylic, please email me and do consider shipping days for wanting to send or receive Paintings for special occasions. Within India a week and international country shipping 8 to 15 days.

Thank you so much for your love and support over the years. All the Best from Rizwana! Yours The Red Pilgrim

Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading Reiki with the world with my beautiful spiritual symbolic Paintings.

Only original hand painted art available, more than 2500 original artworks available for sale. My paintings are available only from my website. No other gallery or printing website is linked. I sell my paintings only from my personal art website.

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